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Over the course of many years, the magic shows offered by Action Magic and lead magician Walter Graham have been honed to perfection, enthralling Omaha, NE audiences for many years! From children’s magic shows to senior magic shows, there are endless options for exhilarating, edge-of-your-seat entertainment. Whether with Tricks the cat or a paper-mache talking skull, many years of performing experience have led these presentations to produce the peak of entertainment value in every magical effect.

Magic shows by Action Magic are perfectly tailored for each specific type of audience, taking into account the size of the group, the age of the attendees, and the occasion. Audience participation is often involved for the routines presented, ensuring that all volunteers, whether children or adults, have fun and feel comfortable throughout. Audiences are delighted, and left wondering “how did they do that?” when it comes to Action Magic’s full-length, feature entertainment!

When you have a group to entertain, whether large or small, of all one age or mixed ages, arranging a program with this talented team is an affordable choice that can be perfectly tailored to fit your entertainment budget. If you have special requests, this versatile crew of performers is more than willing to accommodate your style. From magic shows that involve walking through the audience at corporate cocktail functions, performing slight-of-hand and card tricks to stage spectacles, they work to your requirements.

If you would like to book a fun-filled, action-packed magic show for your audience, whether for your child’s next birthday party or your senior home’s activity, Action Magic works with parents, activity directors, schools, and more in Omaha, NE.

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